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Friday, 22 October 2010

A weekend of blog silence for me!

So another weeked of fairing (fingers crossed for sucess) will take me to the pleasant town of Romsey. I really love this place, with its market day and funny shops.

So whats on the sewing table today? 3 patch blankets to finish off, 4 squishy fish and 4 birdies. A plethora (its my word of the day) of bibs, and perhaps a few more bags.

Next week seriously has to be dress week and I found some lush princess dress patterns I need to have a play with! My lil girl will like that lots and lots, as she can only go to nursery in a dress at the moment. Skirts and trousers do not fit the princess image, aparently. Well that told me!

I just found this on Etsy and Emmie would love it!

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