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Whilst running round after two bambinos I set up www.kryshees.com making childrens clothes, unique childrens accessories, wonderful nurser adornments and yummy mummy type products. I love things bright and bold and try to bring these into childrens items.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Just how manic can a weekend be?

Blimey! Just how manic can one weekend be? Ok so for some it might be a bit lame, but a double fair weekend and a ladies nite. Phew!

I did however suceed in sewing all previously said mice and 4 of them found lovely new homes. I think I should start a mouse rehoming programme! I desperately need to take pics, but today we had a trip to the fabric shop in Southampt, then met hubby for lunch with the bambinos (naughty pizza hut!). A quick trip to hobbycraft also supplied me with decent glue for my makings from my birthday PRESENT!!!!

I'm still a bit excited about it can you tell? My wonderful new bigshot has cut me lots of flowers out of some beautiful suedes and leather offcuts, and are going to be merrily glued together onto clips, brooches and hairbands. Any other crafty suggestions please feel free to tell me!


  1. Pizza hut and a bigshot - now I AM jealous!

  2. I'll share!!! I brought an originals die too today and it works Ali, oh, it works! x