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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Lots of mice and one cat

Good news. Squeak is still at home! And also spent most of the night trying to get under my duvet and purring loudly in my ear. Should I take this as a sign of happiness, temporary happiness perhaps.

14 mice shells (poor things) are sat on my sewing table ready to be transformed into huge doorstops or lil bookends. Pics will follow, promise!

The thing is, I need to get as many done as possible for a fair weekend in Burley http://www.cornflowercountrycrafts.co.uk/ ,I'm going to a party friday night and really want to go to the new mums evening for my lo's nursery. But think I might have to give tonight a miss, depending how quick I get off here and sew some mice. hmmm. Will see how that one works out.

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  1. Glad your cat is staying put and good luck for the fair xx