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Monday, 13 June 2011

Wigwam, Teepee or Tippi??!

Thanks to Wendy at 1st unique gifts for hosting handmade monday again!

So wigwams, teepees, tipi's....

To be honest if you were talking about one of these I think everyone would know what you meant. And I have no idea if there are technical differences between them (please do not go to the trouble of googling the difference on my account!)

I've been meaning to make a wigwam for my outdoor fairing days for a while and then after lots of proscrastinaton, made a mad late night attempt at the one below in preparation for a fair the next day.

On reflection, there are things I would change. This one is quite a petit one, more suitable for more individual play or for the smaller garden or bedroom.

But 4 little braves fitted in on saturday munching on sweets, so perhaps my expectations are larger than life! So this wigwam is four sided, and I think there is merit in either making one with a bigger footprint but the same style. Or perhaps a 5 sided one.

Here are my two enjoying it!

Will get my thinking cap on for that and perhaps come up with a tutorial as this was remarkable simple to make, it did however eat up material like nobodies business!

It has ribbon closures, internal elastics to hold those canes in place, and also those very essential tent peg loops, to stop it flying away in the wind!


  1. Looks like great fun, I understand about the amount of fabric used, friends of mine have a Bedouin style tent for their stall and it takes oodles of fabric.

    Jan x

  2. Great idea! I like the fabric you have used. I am sure there will be plenty of play time had by little bodies with big imaginations.

  3. Perfect play tent, love the fabric, you're very clever.Hope it does well at the fair

  4. My boy would absolutely love this. I put a big piece of fabric over the 2 washing lines at the mo but this wigwam thingy puts me to shame! xx

  5. That looks really good I'm sure my little girl would love something like that!

  6. Looks like a lot of fun! Maybe reusing old curtains would make it more cost-effective? Otherwise, calico can be pretty cheap and is sturdy if you get a heavy weight version.

    Thanks for taking part in HM x

  7. Second Wendy on the calico front, as you can also paint design onto it. The other place to try is IKEA, they have some very reasonably priced fabrics too. What fun to have a teepee in the garden!

  8. A tutorial would be fab! I've been thinking of making one for our garden, but my baby-brain just can't manage the thought process!

  9. Looks lovely, the children look like they are enjoying it.

  10. Looks great. My grandson would just love this to play in. Tutorial would be very much apreciated.
    Hugs Mrs A.

  11. Thanks everyone! This fabric was actually from
    Ikea, and I feel the need for a little visit soon!! I did find some really wide canvas type, which if my machine can cope it, I can imagine some made up with that.

    Happy handmade Monday everyone.

  12. Love the fabric and am sure will bring hours of fun

  13. What a lovely idea would love to see a tutorial if you do one.