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Friday, 18 March 2011

Red Riding Hood - Red Nose Day!

Today is my dd nursery red nose day fancy dress. If you've been following my blog you may have recalled (some months ago - ekk!) the hint of red riding hood cape...and the nursery fancy dress in aid of red nose day, was the kick up the bum I needed!

I brought some beautiful red riding hood mushroom coloured linen ages ago with this project in mind. I used the linen to line the hood and there was enough of the fq left to make a basket liner too!

The pattern was amazingly simple in the end being made up as I cut (danger danger!) I had googled a bit to look at some pictures and they all seemed overly complicated. Not too sure why to be honest. I just cut out a curvey cirle from a square of fabric on the fold, and then cut a curve for the hood to attach on.

The hood I lined to give it more structure and also to show of the fabby linen. The hood is also top stitched to help hold it all together and the drape is lovely that way too.

I used a rectangle tab with magnetic fasteners rather than ribbons. So no tangled ribbons and dd can pop it on all by herself! Bonus!

So here is dd fully caped up! Basket in hand, with a gingham cloth to cover over those basket goodies! Ready to trott to nursery!


  1. Well done darl, she looks fantastic!

  2. Awww it fits her lovely ! :-) I am very sure she was the belle of the nursery ! :-)

    Lovely work though :-)

  3. *beams* proud mom moment!..the other girls were all in their princess aka tesco dresses, nought wrong with that, but yes, dd did get a gold star from me!

  4. Really sweet - lucky to have such a clever Mom!

  5. Well done you it looks great and so does she. Very cute. Linda

  6. She looks gorgeous, well done on a brilliant job. Love the lining material. x

  7. Well...hold onto your horses, because that might be happening very soon at a folksy shop near you! :D

  8. Oh good. DD would love one

  9. What a lovely costume, I love the linen fabric, such a cute design aswell.
    She must have been pleased to wear it. :)