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Thursday, 24 March 2011

Experiment #46 - Waterproof Wet Bag

Ok...so its a little odd...a million wet bags out there and a small percentage of them are actually waterproof...as in, they might be made from waterproof material but actually you couldn't pour in a glass of water!!

I know, I know, the average Joe might not want to do this, but it intrigued me. And I'm not an average Joe...I'm Krysia.
It really is very, very different...

The 'general' wetbag is great for wrung swim suits, baby cream and wet cloth nappies. All things that aren't actually dripping wet.

But really, tell me, when faced with a poopy nappy (which you'd probably flush the contents away and then have a rather wet nappy) .... would you wring it??
Or would you rather prefer that your wet bag didn't leak at all?

So...a waterproof wet bag.

Experiment #46 is not bad as a prototype. It measures 11 inches wide by 8 inches deep. It has a popper strip to attach to your buggy. It closes with a zipper. This is something I want to work on as this still will leak.

But not bad, not bad..