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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Birthday Party Time!

A few pics from our glorious time on saturday. We got the infamous watson luck with the weather again on saturday and were able to get the bouncy castle in. Woohoo!

So some pics from la weekend (mostly cake and food - be warned!) And the infamous Hippo.

Lunch table! Some family favourites including a breakfast pie and sausage pie from the Delicious Mag!
Cake pops - No explaination needed here me thinks!
My lovely cake stand comes out on every occasion, and sets the cupcakes up lovely!
The darn hippo! Ok so he took me a some time to make for ds, and despite a bit of a crinkly bottom, he's looking lovely! 

Now to tidy up :o(


  1. He's a lovely hippo, what's his name? I might need those pie recipes they look so scrummy x

  2. The pies are divine. They make an appearance every event and have never failed me yet! Will email you the recipe or the link to delicious! :D

    No name for the Hippo yet. Will have to get thinking...maybe something like Yawn the Hippo?? Or suggestions on a post card!

  3. Oh my! That all looks so scrummy!!!! Fab Hippo :)

  4. We'll be eating leftovers for a while yet! :D Thats the best part!

  5. HOW did I miss this blog post ! ? * note to self * check Kryshee's blogs before hitting the "mark all as read" and before wine as well :-)

    Your pop cakes look scrummy and suitably blue for DS I am sure, Leftovers always taste better the following day too ;-)

  6. :) Thanks ST! I was suprised by you missing it after all the demands!!!! xx