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Monday, 28 March 2011

Kryshees Willow Garden Rocket!

Thanks to Wendy for hosting Handmade Monday! Lots of other lovelies on http://www.1stuniquegifts.co.uk/blog/2011/03/handmade-monday-9/

hmm ok, I'm not quite sure that when I started out, I wanted to build a rocket...but thats what I now have!

I have a honey suckle that used to rest on some trellis that we took down in the great gravel removal program (thanks to freecycle) and since then its been flopping on the border looking sad..

Great Kryshees Plan #578 in action...retrieve willow thats been in my shed for at least 8 years...fail to soak it as excitment kicks in!! And start making...er something!

Hubby was giving me 'that' look during the construction phase...well yes...I needed about 7 hands to hold it together on the first and second ring of weaving...hence no pics! And willow was flying everywhere. Luckily ds was having a nap, so one kiddie out of the way.

And the darn stuff was fairly brittle so I did have to go careful and it was all a bit ricketty! Not the neatest creation I will admit!

The uprights were a bit of a beast as the bottoms were bent inwards due to the natural curve of the dry willow on the thicker section. This did not help the ricketti-ness!

In hindsight I should have cut these off, cut a spike and shoved them in the ground...

But despite old willow and lack of soaking, my construction started to take shape. I really had forgotten a lot of my few basket weaving skill, ok, all of them. But this thing was still growing.


Till I had finally put in enough rings and with help, over the honey suckle it went. Its still a bit wonky as it is only resting on the soil at an angle, so needs a bit of jiggerypokery to get it more secure. One puff of wind and I'm sure the rocket will take off!

But it has added some height into the garden and some structure, and even hubby (and his doubtful bbq friend) admitted it looked ok...thanks for the support!!

So a scoot away from my 'normal' crafting for the weekend, and perhaps I should have stuck to sewing.

(Mental note to self : Soak willow before use!)


  1. That is fabulous!!! I want one for my allotment- would look so pretty covered in peas x

  2. I know!!! I might make another for the sweet peas and beans. Thanks darling

  3. I use mine for Sweetpeas - although I have to say if I had been making them, I would have been bearing scars, can just see the willow flicking up and hitting me!

  4. This is so great - you sound like me - when excitement takes in there is NO stopping you! Tell me, whilst you were tackling with all these willow shoots etc - did hubby actually help you or just continue to give you that look??? I think it's great. You are so funny!!
    Happy Monday
    Rebecca x

  5. I love it! Every garden should have a willow space rocket!

    Hope you manage to secure it before it goes into orbit...

    Ali x

  6. Brilliant, think what it would have cost to buy and not the satisfaction

  7. Loved your running commentary - with a good result! Let us see the rejuvenated honeysuckle please - in due course! Nancy

  8. So inspiring, thank you! You've given me aome ideas there... I have to pull down an ugly and rotting stucture that's supporting some decades-old overgrown honeysuckle. After some serious pruning, I'll need a new support for it. I've never made anything like this before, so there will be a bit of experimenting going on, but that's half the fun!
    Thanks also for taking part in HM x

  9. I love this idea. And I love the thought that you could use it for climbing plants or the like of bean/peas. An inspiring project. Now if only I could keep plant alive long enough to give it a go ;)

  10. What a brill idea. Only possible downside I can see is if the children decide it really is a rocket and decide to get inside it on their journey into space. I can see the honeysuckle may end up a bit flat but I hope not. Well done on accomplishing it

  11. From someone who is hopeless in the garden i am seriously impressed Krysia. Not only a functional item but a great looking feature in the garden. Well done, what a great post.

  12. It looks great! I made a basic willow star last year and it was very tough on the fingers!

  13. I love it. I'll come back and read again when we move as I want to make my children a willow den.

    Also a

    Fanfare! You have a won an award! I’m passing the LIEBSTER award on to you, if you’d like to take a look on my page you'll see what it's about, hope you don’t mind.

  14. Thanks everyone! Now I have wrestled the willow out of the shed I might actually get it soaking and make something much nicer soon!


  15. Fantastic idea.
    Am looking forward to seeing more of your willow creations x

  16. It's brilliant and is going to look lovely this Summer. I really enjoyed reading how you made it.

  17. Loved reading this post. It took me straight back to my school days in the craft class where we all had to make a wicker waste paper basket and thread beads into the pattern too. Once made it looked completly lopsided but still sits in the corner of my parents lounge.
    Your finished "rocket" looks great.