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Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Torturing Toys!

Its been a hair pulling out journey at times this whole CE malarky. But I'm there! I've done it! Wohoo!! Time for some well earnt celebrating!!

My local TS officer came today to inspect my files. He's been really helpful todate, pointing me in the right direction of legislation etc.

I've had some head banging moments, and I am sure there might be more to come, but its done. Toys dully burnt, pulled, poked and prodded!! I've put in some pics of my torturing :o( Poor chickie....

virgin for slaughter!

X marks the spot!

roasted chick anyone?!

some eye poking!

Our take on a push me pull you!
Luckily hubby is an engineery type and we had lots of torture impliments already. I would have struggled without him as I did ok at interpreting the legislation but application is not my bag!

So anyway, the moral of the story is....it was tricky, but its done, I'm as legit as can be!


  1. wow that's great. scary for the toys though xx

  2. poor toys...this lil chick and another fishy are bagged up for 10 years now!! :o(

    But yipppee yeah! If I hadn't have drunk lots of vino yesterday, I'd be drinking it tonight!

  3. Really pleased for you. Feeling very sorry for the little chick though!!

  4. I am sure you will get the chick out and play with him once in a while - every toy deserves that ! :-) Glad all the legals are out the way for you though and you can move onto your next challenge :-) * opens a small bottle of vino - and pass's it your way :-) *

  5. it was very sad...I had to choose between the ones I had made up already....very sad indeed!

  6. Oh dear, poor bird! But very well done on persisting with this, you've encouraged me to re-think making one or of my textile designs child friendly, though it is going to kill me to set fire to them!

  7. Awww poor lil birdy lol.

    I have nominated you for a stlish blog award x

  8. Thanks A&D! I need to pull my finger out and return these favours! xx