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Whilst running round after two bambinos I set up www.kryshees.com making childrens clothes, unique childrens accessories, wonderful nurser adornments and yummy mummy type products. I love things bright and bold and try to bring these into childrens items.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Its all about that hat!

My little brother is getting married this year..so my folksy friday is dedicated to that hat! You know the one, on that lady over there, wonder where she got that from, hers is bigger than mine...

Black veiled mini top hat with black/white ribboning and feathers by Topperhats

Large image

A wonderful Red Arabella Gothic Tiara by Elisa Loves

Large image

And hubby, should you read this....I want this one please!!! 

Sunshine and Lollipops - Peacock Feather Flower Fascinator by Head Full of Feathers

Large image


  1. Oh I LOVE this time of year! So many events to buy head gear for!
    These finds are beautiful =)

  2. Can see why you want that one it's outstanding!

  3. I know!!! Thing is I have quite skiny hair so need a small miracle to keep anything in it!

    BUT LUSH!!!