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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Fit for a Prince!!! (And a good stash buster too!)

Ta da!!! So shh as these are birthday gifts for two little men that I know.

I wanted to try and keep to handmade for gifts this year, and also being a little skint, I turned to 'what I know best'. Sewing...

I have accumulated a HUGE bag of fabric scraps from my sewing endeavours over the last year and have been reluctant to throw them away.

I had also started looking at crowns to take part in my dressing up range and was thinking about boys as well. They are often overlooked I think.

So .... sew..... a crazy patchwork crown!!! It has an elasticated back so will fit the little lads for a while. Perfect for looking like a little prince whilst blowing out the candles, and also good for dressing up games to come! 

I'm planning on trying to rid myself of my fabric scraps...so more of these coming soon....and hopefully will make it to my folksy shop. Let me know what you think???!!!!


  1. They are FAB - U - LOUS ! :-) I love the polka dots on the top one though IF I was forced to pick one though it would be the bottom one, it was the Tartan that swung it for me :-)

    I can see you doing a pirate hat next or even a three cornered colonial style hat ! :-) I hear there is an inexpensive way to make a hat block with expandable foam and a plastic hat from "everything is a pound" style shop . . * stops rambling again *

    I love them though - am VERY sure your wee men will have days of fun with them though - wishing them a happy birthday when the time comes and that you survive the aftermath if you have a party for them :-)

  2. oooo likes that idea ST!!! Luckily I am not the one throwing the party.

    But think my little grl and boy will be getting one each for their dressing up box!

  3. They're lovely! And such a good way to use up scraps too! Sooooo much better than the dressing up crowns you see in the shops

    Katie x

  4. My son would have loved that when he was younger.
    They will be a hit. Contact nurseries etc they will love them.
    {Dab and a dash.}

  5. Do you think? these ones are gifts so I will set about making some more. Its nothing material-wise, just time and love...will have to figure out how much time v's ££! x

  6. I really like these. I have seen some girly ones in another shop but I really like the fabrics you used.

  7. ooo ilovedolly, were they patchworked? I was looking around and could only find felt ones :o(

  8. Lovely, had chance for a proper look now and think they are fab. Well done for the inspired idea!

  9. Fab! My two would love those- they're currently sporting buckets as hats 8-)

    Ballderdash & Bunting x