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Monday, 21 February 2011

Handmade Monday - More Crazy Crowns!!

Thanks again to Wendy @ www.1stuniquegifts.co.uk for hosting Handmade Monday, you can also enter a competition to win one of her fantastic plaques be reading her blog post HERE

Some finishing of projects has been done this week, including some more crazy crowns made up already. In two weeks time I have my first fair of the year, so I'm trying desperately to get all my 'new' products ready for the road! Oh and on folksy too!

These have been made up in different sizes already!

The next crazy patchwork project is in its infancy so more on that one soon!


  1. Hiya :-) I love your dress up crowns - the red one though is definitely my fav of the four there (the polka dot one is a very very close second !)

    2 weeks is loads of time for a well organised person such as yourself, a bit of dicipline and some giis use of your time and I am sure you will have all you need for your first fair of the year :-) Here's hoping its a successful one for you :-)

    My new blog post for Handmade Monday can be seen here :-)
    Pop over for a cupcake :-) *wink* !

  2. The crowns look lovely, i really hope you do well with them.
    Good luck with the fair, i have 3 weeks til my first one. Cant wait x

  3. The crowns are fun and should sell well, love the multi colours

  4. Wow - they are just gorgeous and so, so unusual! Hope you do well with them.

    Thanks for popping by and taking part in Handmade Monday and thanks also for mentioning my giveaway! x

  5. Hope you do well at your fair. These should go down a treat. Great choice of patterns and colours.

  6. Cool crowns, now i need to find a party? open to invites from anyone.


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  8. Sorry bad spelling!! I'll try again! Good luck with the fair, the red is my favourite too :)

  9. Those crowns are so unique. Have you tried selling them to local nursery schools and playgroups. I am sure they would love them for dress up time. Good luck for the fair. I also love the red one the best, must be the regal colours

  10. I really love the red one too! I quite like the lil fishies on it, and that its not too girly/boy orientated.
    Thanks everyone! Hopefully I'll be ready in time...but who ever is?!

  11. Good luck with your fair. I've never seen crowns like yours very unique - before I scrolled down I was expecting some bling crowns lol. They look great and a cool way of using up the little bits of fabric you have left over from sewing projects.

  12. These are gorgeous. both boys and girls will love dressing up with them, and I think the mums will love them even more.