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Whilst running round after two bambinos I set up www.kryshees.com making childrens clothes, unique childrens accessories, wonderful nurser adornments and yummy mummy type products. I love things bright and bold and try to bring these into childrens items.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Its all about the bag!

So this week so far, I have been ignoring the pile of beautiful dresses I have cut out, and to keep me sane (!?) started on a batch of bags made from some wonderful coloured silk with a touchy black flocked design! This is the pink version, and available in gold, red, petrol blue (my fav!) and an autumnal brown.

Large image

I lined with them with a black cotton interior, a handy internal pocket and finished them off with a magnetic fastener!

They are now all in my folksy shop (phew) ....

.....so now for those dresses....or I might procrastinate further and make some huge doorstop mice since they have nearly all sold out!


  1. Fabulous bag...you are very talented xx

  2. Lol, your post made me smile because I sometimes do the same thing......working on every little jewellery project I can think of rather than tackling the really big one I beed to do. :-)

  3. I know! So still avoiding those dresses, I finished off some brooches last night whilst watching ugly Betty, and nearly finished two more bookcase mice. I'll get pics up later!

    Today I really probably will be avoiding doing the dresses and do something a bit more fun!