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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

As snug as a bug! My first crocheted hat!

Ok, so my crochet skills took a bit of a knock after getting the first couple of magazines of learn how  crochet. I got all confused, which admittedly doesn't take much these days!

And yes there were custard creams involved as bribery. And yes again, Emmie is sat on the sofa with her duvet (a special treat she informs me!)

I probably shoud have done some ear flaps, but perhaps the next one might get that treatment. I was quite amazed as the pattern was american so I managed to convert the sc to mean dc, if you tell me that was wrong, then I will cry. But it turned out roasy toasty in the end, and madam likes it, which is a much better response than the poncho of doom got last year....


  1. That is super cool!!! It's not too hard to add ear flaps as an afterthought, just join your wool where you want to start the ear flap, do as many stitches as you think you'll need (10-20 or so), then do a bunch of rows. If you want to make it round at the bottom, decrease either side for a couple of rows, then do a row of dc (yes, that = US sc) around the edge as a trim. Repeat for the other flap!

    I'm interested in seeing this poncho of doom...

  2. That is truly lovely- I do wish I could crochet- I just can't get the hang of it, not matter how hard I try! It's just not logical like knitting x

  3. Wowser, you are very clever....and the model is very sweet too xxx

  4. wow! for a beginner, its fantastic. love the colours, and so neat!! perfect model too ;) gorgeous, well done! x

  5. Thanks everyone! Emmie is still wearing it, so I must have done something right! Or the custard creams just won her over! ;D