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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Mend & Make Do! Fixing the hole in my jeans

Well my poor old jeans (albeit my fav) were destined for the bin as everytime I went to put them on, my feet pretty much came out through the knees! oppps! I was getting a bit sad as I wanted to save them. I had finally lost enough weight last year to get my bum in them, and wasn't going to let them go without a fight!

So, I decided to try fixing them with the help of a really old pair of jeans, some iron-on bondaweb type stuff (whats it really called?) and my bigshot. OOO very exciting!
So this is the hole and it ironed closed. (the wrong way round, but you get the gist!)

It didn't look so bad ironed closed, but the fabric had really thinned down, so I knew I needed a biggish patch. There was a smaller hole on the other leg, but again the denim had really skinnied out. I chopped off a legs from my old maternity jeans thas had seen some better days, ironed them flat and ironed on some bondaweb stuff. I cut the demin into panels so it would fit into my bigshot...and result....lots of stars!


I then put each star through the sewing machine to add some embellishment detail, mostly some basic stitches to add some colour.

I lay out the stars over the holes and ironed the stars together. I did this on greaseproof paper so I could peal them off again. I zigzaged the stars together to reinforce the bondaweb. I didn't want them falling off after a wash!


I ironed the whole patch onto each leg really well.

And now was faced with the impossible task of sewing them onto my jeans...hmm it was worth a shot on my sewing machine (rather than hand sew!), tho god alone knows how I managed to get each leg onto the sewing machine arm bit. But ta da!!! I managed to do it in the end, although cursing and spitting were threatened...

So today I took the bairns to nursery in my jeans which no longer looked like some raggedy baggedy item. Hope you like them and this might inspire you to mend and make do!


  1. Very cool and great use of your Big shot - I love using mine for appliques. Refashioning jeans is one of my favourite things too.

  2. Thanks HeavenlyA, I just love my bigshot!!! I quite like using denim right and wrong way round too, to get a different tone on the denim.


  3. Pretty. I know what you mean about refusing to let a fave pair of jeans go! Anyway, this solution is much better!

  4. They look great and dont envy you sewing them on the machine...worth it though the result is amazing.
    {Dab and a dash.}

  5. Fantastic Jeans,My daughter is going to love these! Millie

  6. Thanks everyone! I even managed to get some flowers cut out of the denim scraps and sew up a lil pink cord number for my little girl, all embellished with flowered ricrac and the denim flowers. pics to follow!

  7. Fantastic work on your jeans, they look great :)

  8. Love this idea thanks for sharing

    Dawn xx

  9. Wow, I have a new pair of cords that I ripped the lower leg on a nail sticking out of a chair.

    Refuse to throw them away and needed some ideas on how to repair :)

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